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My name is Pam Ziehler. My Native American heritage inspired my works in Native American portrait photography and culture. My works include images from South Dakota, (Wild Mustangs), Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Acadia National Park, Maine, and reenactment shots of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Montana . My works that are presented and on display , may be purchased at The Silver Buffalo Gallery, Berlin, Ma. and The Bedford Center in Bedford, Ma. Two of my images have won the Spotlight recognition on Aminus 3 Blog site . In 2011 my image of the "Wild Mustangs" was used for " THE NATIONAL HUMANE EDUCATION SOCIETY > " http://nhes.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/stop-hazing-horses-in-july-heat/ . I am grateful for all the wildlife and nature around me that I can photograph! Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy my works! If you are interested in purchasing any of my images, you may contact me by email at > asfwt62@yahoo.com. All Images, All Rights Reserved © . You are also welcome to visit my featured works on the TRAIL GUIDES YELLOWSTONE SITE > http://www.trailguidesyellowstone.com/information/montana_wyoming_photographers.php > Orders for all Canvas prints are Printed and Designed by THE ANTZL PROJECT, company. You may order your prints , all sizes, through me. My email > asfwt62@yahoo.com



Nature and National Parks

Nature and National Parks

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Black and White Lanscapes and Nature

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The American West

Reenactment, Battle at little Big Horn

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North Maine Wilderness

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My Home Town , Carlisle , Massachusetts

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Pam's Portrait Photography

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Nature and National Parks

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My Smug Mug

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Nova Scotia, Canada

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My Most Recognized Images

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Still Life

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